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In the summer of 2014 Rev. Boyd got the ball rolling to get the church to consistently make sandwiches for Martha’s Table above U Street. Every 4th Sunday after service we will make sandwiches for Martha’s Table, saving their volunteers and staff time and help feed the hungry. If you can’t stay after service feel free to drop off a jar of peanut butter or jelly. If you would like to donate bread feel free to bring that as well. Sliced cheese is appreciated as well for the meat sandwiches. Veteran and newbie sandwich makers are always appreciated.

We will be doing our Sandwich Making Ministry on January the 17th this month (third Sunday) for Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day that is observed on Monday the 18th.

Real Men-Part I

Many people who are familiar with the Christian Testament know that the Apostle Paul was initially shunned by the 1st Century fellowship of believers in The Way, and with good reason. Named Saul at birth, this man had been an avid anti-Christian rabbi who had travelled the countryside executing believers. For that and several other reasons, they were not down… Read more →

Twirling- written by Rev. Boyd

Last year, I downloaded an article about poverty and its effect on decision-making. Two scholars from Princeton and Harvard collaborated on researching this idea and subsequently published a book, Scarcity: Why Having So Little Means So Much. The information was intriguing and, when I read it, made sense. “Poor people aren’t stupid,” NBC health writer Maggie Fox summarized, “bad decisions… Read more →

Be a Blessing-by Rev. Boyd

Be a Blessing Luke 16:19-31 Last Sunday’s sermon was based on a story from chapter 16 of The Gospel of Luke, the Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus. In the story, both men start out and end up in very different places. Lazarus is a man who is sick. He is lying near the door to the Rich Man’s… Read more →

Hot Cars—Dead Kids- from Rev. Boyd

This week, in Northern Virginia, we heard what likely will not be the summer’s only tragic report of someone leaving a child unattended in a closed car in 90-degree heat, resulting in the child’s death. At first I thought an adult left the child to run a quick errand, believing they would return before any harm could come. Then I… Read more →