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Overwhelming Gratitude-Lenten Devotional

Overwhelming Gratitude There is the sense of overwhelming gratitude which is ours because life has continued to unfold within us and about us, so that we have a full measure of strength and vigor; overwhelming gratitude for all the graces of renewal by which our lives are sustained, nestled, and nurtured; overwhelming gratitude that it is well with us and… Read more →

The Moment of Recollection, Part I

We cradle in tenderness those that have been visited by sudden or muted violences; families shattered by death and murder; those distraught with illness which does not respond to the trained mind and the skilled hand; those who inhabit the shadows where things are never clear to the mind and at the core of whose spirit lies endless torture, making… Read more →

Witness in Our Spirits

It is good to remember that God has not left Himself without a witness in our spirits, that despite all of the wanderings of our footsteps, despite all of the ways by which we have sought to circumvent his truth within us, despite all of the weaknesses of spirit and of mind and of resoluteness of body, despite all of… Read more →

The Moment of Recollection, Part II

We cradle in tenderness children who are without love or compassion, who must manage life with ill-formed and blunted tools; the lonely who cannot experience the penetration of the wall that envelopes them; and those who are so tired that the ground of their being is consumed by a great weariness. These we remember before Thee, our Father. Reflection Response … Read more →