Think Back Church- written by mcb

Think Back Church

The Thinker by Auguste Rodin first cast in 1902

Rev. Tendai, our interim minister describes us as a “think back” congregation more so than a “talk back” church. The worship experience at Lincoln Temple includes a congregation that will nod their heads and leans forward (or back) to take in The Word. “Aha” or “Hmm” are spoken by the congregation just as much as “Amen.” At times I think I can hear gears turning in the minds of the people around me. We aren’t quiet per say, we are thinking and sometimes in very deep thought.

I would like to say that I and others in the congregation think back at church with our whole bodies, a sort of ecclesiastical expression of The Thinker in all of us. The clapping, the nodding, the soft spoken words letting the pastor know we are listening are all physical manifestations of a group learning from and wrestling with God. Taking in ancient wisdom and finding ways to apply it with love and inclusiveness into our modern lives is mental work. Fun, thought provoking but an exercise nonetheless. Yes, that’s why we eat cookies and fruit at fellowship hour, we’re hungry after a full body mental exercise. Theoretically, all this mental exercise Sunday after Sunday would make me as in shape as The Thinker. People would ask, how did I develop such great arms and I would reply “By going to church at least once a week.” Okay, so The Thinker is the ideal not the reality. Hopefully however, people will ask “How do you deal with the B.S. in life?” And I will reply “By going to church at least once a week. I’m a think back type of person and mulling over the scripture and sermon on how I can apply all this to my life really helps. Plus, taking the time to give God praise and humbling myself with a group of individuals who are so varied in background really puts things in perspective. Oh and church has less negative side effects than drinking all the time.”

Wear something comfortable to church to “think back” in. See you at the gym…er I mean church.

MCB is your ordinary Lincoln Temple UCC layperson.

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