The Moment of Recollection, Part I

We cradle in tenderness those that have been visited by sudden or muted violences; families shattered by death and murder; those distraught with illness which does not respond to the trained mind and the skilled hand; those who inhabit the shadows where things are never clear to the mind and at the core of whose spirit lies endless torture, making for restlessness, panic, and madness. These we remember before Thee, our Father.

Reflection Response
There are so many times, incidents and events that we can recall in our lives that connect us to what is still happening in the world today. Families are going through because of domestic violence, homelessness, death, poverty. Lord what do we do? We pray and talk to you about it. We now recall and pray for what you, Lord, would have us do for your people.

Dear Lord,
You are our shelter in the time of storm, our Warrior when we are weak. I pray for all who are weak and heavy laden; suffering from mental illnesses; parents who have lost children and love ones due to domestic violence, hatred; those who are homeless without shelter, food or jobs. Be with them, dear Lord, for you are their strength and their redeemer. Amen.

Psalm 91 1:6 + John 3:16 + Revelation 21:4,6&7

– Kathleen Wilson

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