The Little Graces of Life-Lenten Devotional

Our Father, we turn aside from the things that ordinarily occupy our waking hours and we wait in Thy presence. We are reminded of the graces of life that are so commonplace, so much a part of our daily living that the grace of them is lost sight of. Each day, for many days, we have been able to arise from our beds and be active, to do our work, to live our lives with the full function of our bodies. Each day, we have been greeted by a few people who understand us and who salute us. We have been smiled upon, we have been blessed by the countenances of many of Thy children. The little graces of life.

Reflection Response
More often, my prayer should be one of thanks to God for the everyday, ordinary, natural aspects of my life–proper functioning of the five senses; ability to walk and to speak, soundness of mind—which I so easily take for granted.  I often get up and go before I realize that I have not taken a moment to thank God for my very being on any given day and the presence of loved ones in my life. I remind myself that nothing is promised, yet God grants us new mercies daily. My goal is to remember to thank God each day for the little and the big in my life.
– Jeanne Cooper, Lincoln Temple UCC

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