Season of Lent- submitted by Rev. Tendai

The Season of Lent…

In this Season of Lent we are witnesses once again to the passion of Jesus of Nazareth. We witness again his unwavering trust in the Garden of Gethsemane, the agony of his crucifixion on Golgotha, and the glory of his resurrection. During this forty-day period our faith is both renewed and strengthened by Jesus’ commitment to the purposes to which God had called him. What Jesus endured at the hands of the Roman soldiers he endured on behalf of all who today call themselves “Christian”. Jesus made a conscious choice to go to Jerusalem. The gospel says, “He set his face to go to Jerusalem.” The empty tomb is not only our reminder that his suffering was not vain suffering, but it is a monument to God’s undying love for each of us. As we journey today through this Season of Lent, let us also be mindful of the countless acts of love and kindness performed by Jesus as he engaged people during his public ministry. Beyond his miracles of healing the sick, people were encouraged, inspired, fed, and welcomed into his community of faith. With all of the disillusionment faced by people in our own time, as followers of Jesus we are called especially during the Lenten Season, to perform our own random acts of kindness. We are called to be encouraging and welcoming to all people, regardless of who they are. In this way our lives become what God intended – wonderful reflections of the remarkable life of Jesus.

Rev. Rubin Tendai

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