Overwhelming Gratitude-Lenten Devotional

Overwhelming Gratitude
There is the sense of overwhelming gratitude which is ours because life has continued to unfold within us and about us, so that we have a full measure of strength and vigor; overwhelming gratitude for all the graces of renewal by which our lives are sustained, nestled, and nurtured; overwhelming gratitude that it is well with us and our land as it is.

Reflection Response
Recognition—we are thankful and grateful God is always true to His word. God’s presence in our lives is the ownership and power He grants us every day. Thank you Lord! We must vigorously and spiritually connect with God, who resides in us, to see clearly those blessings that we will recognize with gratitude! When we reflect on these blessings like speaking, laughing, the ability to touch and nurture and pray for those in need, we are truly experiencing God’s love unfolding in our lives and those around us. A sense of gratitude is a constant renewal and growth. We thank God for this our land, our body and our soul, where He has empowered us with a sense of peace. Rejoice; be glad, be thankful and grateful. Rest in the beauty of the multitude of resources around and in you!

Psalm 9:1-2+Ephesians 1:15-23

– Rosa Wilson

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