Georgetown Day School Wins Grant to Continue Work with Lincoln Temple Archives

Ninth-grade history students at Georgetown Day School will continue to catalog Lincoln Temple archives, working under a $5000 grant from the Humanities Council of Washington DC.

“We would have continued the work without the grant.,” said Lisa Rauschert, head of the school’s history department, who wrote the grant proposal. “But these funds allows us to obtain supplies needed to properly store and display invaluable church and community history.” The students’ research will culminate in a public presentation on Lincoln Temple’s history in May 2014.

During weekly visits to Lincoln Temple this past summer, Ms. Rauschert’s students began combing through and ordering the archives of church records, programs and music. The students will digitize the records, which will be placed on the Web for easy access by researchers.

The grant will be used to:
– Purchase archival-quality folders, boxes and photo frames for document storage and photo display.
– Initiate and maintain a records link to the Lincoln Temple website.
– Locate a volunteer curator to help unsure the records are effectively categorized and displayed.

“We are delighted at what this handful of dedicated students have accomplished since June and appreciative for Ms. Raushert’s enterprising pursuit of the grant,” said Rev. Tendai, senior interim pastor at Lincoln Temple. “We look forward to continuing collaboration with Georgetown Day School.”

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