But God in us is waiting and ready to heal us.

Forgive us, our Father,
for all the weaknesses
in our minds and spirits
and for all the ways by which
the creative flow of Thy mind
and Thy spirit through us
may be frustrated and held at bay.-Howard Thurman from The Centering Moment

Reflection Response
In order to move on, you have to let go. Fears, pains, and old resentments are challenging to deal with. Many times we are right to feel anger about the things that happen to us. Circumstances occur in life that can leave us lame.

But God in us is waiting and ready to heal us. Do what is necessary in order to remove the bondage of the past: prayer, counseling, confronting the issue. If you need to, seek justice. In the meantime, seek healing. God wants us to move forward. —Verdell A. Wright, Lincoln Temple UCC

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