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Black History Moment: Mary Church Terrell

Activist Mary Church Terrell (September 23, 1863-July 24, 1954) In 1898, Mary Church Terrell wrote how African-American women “with ambition and aspiration [are] handicapped on account of their sex, but they are everywhere baffled and mocked on account of their race.” She fought for equality through social and education reform. Born on September 23, 1863, in Memphis, Tennessee, Mrs. Terrell… Read more →

10am Sunday Service June 26th

A generation ago Lincoln Temple and Westmoreland Congregational churches worked together to help increase the affordable housing in the Shaw neighborhood. Hence, the building structure Lincoln-Westmoreland Housing. We will be celebrating that joint venture and the building of the Channing Phillips apartments on Sunday, June 26th at 10am. Read more →


In the summer of 2014 Rev. Boyd got the ball rolling to get the church to consistently make sandwiches for Martha’s Table above U Street. Every 4th Sunday after service we will make sandwiches for Martha’s Table, saving their volunteers and staff time and help feed the hungry. If you can’t stay after service feel free to drop off a jar of peanut butter or jelly. If you would like to donate bread feel free to bring that as well. Sliced cheese is appreciated as well for the meat sandwiches. Veteran and newbie sandwich makers are always appreciated.

We will be doing our Sandwich Making Ministry on January the 17th this month (third Sunday) for Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day that is observed on Monday the 18th.

but it’s advent…

If we can’t talk about the fallacies of heteronormative patriarchy and how it distorts our image of God during Advent then when can we? If King Herod isn’t the face of heteronormative patriarchy power abuse, who is? Search through the bible, when was God referred to as mother, as father? As something non-human (an animal or wind)? If you are… Read more →

A Merry Lincoln Christmas

With the help of DC Music Theater Workshop Lincoln Temple will be hosting a holiday concert the day before the longest/darkest day of the year in our region. Monday, December 21st please join us at 7:30pm to sing and bring in the Christmas season. Cookies and merry making what could be better?

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Email for questions.