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Let’s Get It On- a review of “Sex And The Spirit:The Romance of Heaven and Earth” and How To Use This Book In Church Communities

I would like to thank Revs. Copeland and Rosenberger for writing this book. It is hard to talk about sexual intimacy, even in a society where sex sales everything. Personally, I believe sex is even used to “sale” Christianity as the collective community pushes for good looking ministers, a macho Jesus and single’s ministries that could be confused with Ok… Read more →

Real Men-Part I

Many people who are familiar with the Christian Testament know that the Apostle Paul was initially shunned by the 1st Century fellowship of believers in The Way, and with good reason. Named Saul at birth, this man had been an avid anti-Christian rabbi who had travelled the countryside executing believers. For that and several other reasons, they were not down… Read more →

Twirling- written by Rev. Boyd

Last year, I downloaded an article about poverty and its effect on decision-making. Two scholars from Princeton and Harvard collaborated on researching this idea and subsequently published a book, Scarcity: Why Having So Little Means So Much. The information was intriguing and, when I read it, made sense. “Poor people aren’t stupid,” NBC health writer Maggie Fox summarized, “bad decisions… Read more →

Thanks to the Fabrangen

We truly received an extravagant welcome when members of the Fabrangen invited Lincoln Temple to a small seder at on of their member’s homes. This occasion marked the 45th and 25th anniversary of a “freedom” seder between the two groups. Twenty-five years ago members from both congregations crafted a seder around the telling of the exodus story (obviously) and of… Read more →