What is the United Church of Christ?

That they may all be one. John 17:21
God Is Still Speaking
God Is Still Speaking

Born out of the merger of the Evangelical, Congregational (Lincoln Temple’s heritage) and Reformed churches, the United Church of Christ is truly a uniting force. By having an open communion, an open mind and working closely with other denominations (such as the Disciples of Christ) the UCC has been able to embrace a diversity of people and traditions while discerning God’s call. The website for the United Church of Christ (UCC) is full of information describing this rather young denomination that has a rich ancestry.

In the UCC each congregation chooses it’s own clergy and constructs it’s own local covenant/purpose. Congregations work with each other yet they are independent units able to address specific concerns and use their God given talents their own ways while retaining a common thread through the United Church of Christ.

To quickly find the core beliefs of the UCC click here.

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